Have a Qualified Inspector Examine Your New Home in Knoxville, TN

Have a Qualified Inspector Examine Your New Home in Knoxville, TN

Scheduling a residential home inspection will protect you from future financial burdens

Purchasing a home is a huge investment. By arranging for a residential home inspection, you can prevent a lot of financial hardships in the future. Home Town Inspections LLC provides home inspection services throughout Knoxville, Tennessee and the surrounding areas. If we discover any points of concern during our inspection, we'll alert you so you'll know what you'll potentially be getting into.

When you choose Home Town Inspections for your residential home inspection, we provide you a termite letter free of charge from Terminix Pest Control (Charter #118)

Put your residential home inspection on the calendar by calling Home Town Inspections today.

We'll inspect every area of your home

When you choose a professional home inspector from Home Town Inspections, you can rest easy knowing we'll examine your new home from floor to ceiling. When we perform your residential home inspection in Knoxville, Tennessee, we'll keep a close eye out for common problems, such as:

  • Damage to the home's exterior, attic, crawl space or basement
  • Plumbing problems, such as leaks or appliance defects
  • Wiring issues that need to be fixed before moving in
Your home inspection services are just one phone call away. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling 865-323-7050. We also perform new construction inspections.